Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gratuitous celebrity photo: Cillian Murphy

Photo by Dan Cohen  Posted by Picasa

I took this photo of Cillian Murphy one morning during last fall's New York Film Festival as he was going to a press conference to promote Breakfast on Pluto ' He also recently appeared in Batman Begins and Red Eye.


Laurel said...

Nice photo-i have not seen this one. Cillian looks very good circa 1984 with ray-bans and Izod.
Any more shots????

Laurel said...

Nice photo!! I love the circa 1984 ray-bans and Izod. He is just charming.
Any other photos!!!

Contested Terrain said...

I'm not sure whether you mean "more Cillian photos" [no]or more "gratuitous celebrity" photos [lots, more to come].
Thanks for asking.