Sunday, July 31, 2005

Aug. 4: Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act rally

The NYT reported today that
Gov. George E. Pataki's aides said last night that he would veto a bill to make the so-called morning-after pill available without a prescription, prompting outrage among abortion-rights advocates.
Urgent Action Needed!
Soon, The Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act will arrive on Governor Pataki's desk. It's time to show our support for the bill and urge the Governor to sign it into law.
Where: 633 3rd Ave. (40/41st) Outside of governor Pataki's NYC office.
When:5:00pm start
Rally to urge the Governor to sign the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act and expand women's access to emergency contraception
Kevin C. Quinn, a spokesman for the governor, said in a statement that the governor's main objection was that the bill did not include provisions that would prevent minors from having access to the drug.
Mr. Quinn said the governor would be willing to reconsider the measure if the Legislature drafted and passed a new bill that addressed his concerns about the drug's availability to minors, as well as "other flaws."
Mr. Pataki's decision comes as he lays the groundwork for a presidential run in 2008 and underscores the forces he must negotiate as he steps onto the national stage.
Mr. Pataki's position as a longtime supporter of abortion rights has enabled him to survive in heavily Democratic New York for three terms. Had he signed the bill, he would have angered national conservatives, who are adamantly opposed to the emergency contraception and whose support he will need.
The governor revealed his position after he was asked about plans by Naral Pro-Choice New York, to start a nationwide television advertising blitz intended to pressure him into backing the bill. (for complete article, NYT)
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Aug. 5: Artistic Expression and Human Rights:An Evening of Film, Music and Friends

Artistic Expression and Human Rights
Doctors for Global Health invite you to
An Evening of Film, Music and Friends
Friday, August 5, 7:00-11pm
The West End, 2911 Broadway at 114th Street

Film: Artist of Resistance, documents the excavation of a mass grave in El Mozote, El Salvador through the eyes of Claudia Bernardi, a Berkeley artist originally from Argentina, who accompanied the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team. Her mission is to record the truth: was it a battle between two armies, or a massacre? Through her experience we come to understand not only the importance of knowing and remembering but also the alternative the arts offer by creating and recreating.
The one-hour screening will be followed by a short panel discussion with the documentary filmmaker Penelope Price, filmmaker Mel Halbach and photographer Ilille Sawady.

Music: Enjoy live music before the film, then dance to DJ after 11pm

$15 suggested donation. Food and drinks available for purchase.

Doctors for Global Health has been working for a decade to improve the health and well-being of poor, marginalized communities around the world by increasing access to quality health care; developing educational opportunities and avenues for artistic expression; and raising awareness of health and other human rights

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Aug. 4: Palestine Teach-in

New York Committee to Defend Palestine presents a teach-in:
THE BATTLE OF LEBANON Part II: The status of Palestinians during the Lebanese Civil War

Thursday, August 4, 2005
7:30 pm
156 Rivington Street
(bt Suffolk and Clinton St)

(Take the F train to Delancey Street or the JMZ to Essex, walk north to
Rivington and turn right.)

Please join the New York Committee to Defend Palestine as members continue our discussion of the Lebanese Civil War, focusing on Rosemary Sayigh's depiction of the conditions of Palestinians within Lebanon in her book "Too Many Enemies". At our April Educational we discussed the impact that government corruption and foreign intervention, particularly in terms of western imperialism and Israeli invasion/agression, had in fostering divisions among various communities in Lebanon.

In Too Many Enemies Sayigh gives voice to the stories of Palestinians living in refugee camps, one of the most vulnerable communities during this time period. Drawing on oral history, this book presents a compelling portrait of their experience of attacks and aggression, air raids, massacres (including the massacres at Sabra and Shatila in 1982) and summary executions that have continuously plagued Palestinian refugees. Yet, at the same time Sayigh provides a context for understanding Palestinian resistance and how despite state-repression and state-sponsored attacks, they were able to resist and defend themselves. We ask that you join us as we discuss this book and the implications of this moment in the Palestinian Liberation Movement.

- Part I of Rosemary Sayigh's Too Many Enemies
Admission is free though we welcome donations for Union of Palestinian Women's
Committees and ABCNORIO.

noel winkler

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Union Square, July 30, 2005
Photo : Dan Cohen

Union Square, July 30, 2005
Photo : Dan Cohen

Union Square, July 30, 2005
Photo : Dan Cohen

Union Square, July 30, 2005

Union Square, July 30, 2005
Photo : Dan Cohen

Andrew Greely on two Pentagon reports

Neck deep in the Big Muddy
July 29, 2005
The Big Muddy is deeper and darker. Two Pentagon reports this week show just how muddy. In a survey of the morale of soldiers in Iraq, the Pentagon found that more than half said that morale in their units was either "low" or "very low." Morale was especially low, as one would have expected, among the National Guard and Reserve units. Only half of them said they had "real confidence" in their ability to carry out their mission, probably because they were not trained for the kind of war in which they are involved.
Another report raises questions about the development of the Iraqi fighting units. Half of the police units are still in training and cannot conduct combat operations. The other half, and two-thirds of the army battalions, are only partially capable of combat and then only with the help of Americans.
(To read complete article: CST)

(photo from GEODOG)
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Aug. 5: Disappeared in America

Adama Bah, 16, with the larger-than-life papier-mâché figures her classmates at the Heritage School made to protest her arrest.

Friday, August 5
5 PM-11PM

The Brecht Forum
451 West St. (West Side Hwy betw Bank & Bethune 1-1/2 blocks north of W. 11th)
(1,2,3 A,C to 14th st.)
(212) 242- 4201

5 PM: DISAPPEARED IN AMERICA exhibition (VISIBLE Collective)

Exhibiting from Aug 5-Aug 30 (previously exhibited at The Brooklyn Museum)

7 PM: PANEL DISCUSSION on arts and activism in an age of crisis:

8 PM: FUNDRAISER: America's Civil Liberties Crisis: Respond with Music and Solidarity!

Panel discussion: Artists & Activists Respond to the Civil Liberties Crisis
Naeem Mohaiemen (VISIBLE Collective),
Avideh Moussavian (NYImmigrant Coalition)
Aziz Huq (NYU Brennan Center)
Fariba Alam ("Bangla East Side")
Konrad Aderer ("The Alams")
+clips from "Bangla East Side," "The Alams" & "Disappeared."

FUNDRAISER FOR TWO TEENAGERS UNJUSTLY DETAINED & accused of being a threat to national security
Tashnuba Hyder (Bangladesh): detained and deported with family
Adama Bah (Guinea): detained and eventually released, all charges dropped

Former detainee Adama Bah, NYT
Family and friends of Tashnuba & Adama talk about the case

Followed by a Multicultural Extravaganza including:
Bengali musicians from the Bangladeshi Institute of performing Arts
Guinean musicians (Ahmadou Bah & Others)
Classical Musicians Including pianist tomoya kano
Classical Indian Dance (Samita of KAASH)
Spoken word artists, Others TBA; Film Clips

For more info or call or 917 602 4450 All proceeds will be divided by the two families!

Emergency Families Fund / CAIR
c/o 9-11 relief program / Adem Carroll
166-26 89th Avenue
Jamaica, NY, 11432
Donations are tax exempt

(photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times)
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Aug. 5: Ring Out 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

It was hell all over the city. I don't think I can describe a ten-thousandth of the reality -- Hiroshima survivor

Memorial Observance
60th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Arthur Ross Pinetum
Central Park
August 5, 2005
6 P.M.
Public participation bell-ringing following a simple score by downtown avant-garde jazz composer Cooper-Moore
with installations about U.S. domestic and foreign nuclear policies.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

July 31: Dance for Peace

Los Bomberos de Brooklyn

Join us as we dance, sing, and speak against this war
on Sunday, July 31st at Union Square Park-North Plaza
from 11:00AM to 4PM.

Because poor communities of color continue to be aggressively recruited by the u.s. armed forces
Because young soldiers continue to die
Because destruction and death continue to hit innocent Iraqi civilians each day
We invite you to

Dancers, poets, speakers, and other cultural groups will gather to express their resistance against the current war.

Cetiliztli Nauhcampa (Aztec Dance Group)
Ellen Xiao Feng Guidone (Indonesian Dance)
Tatiana Rodrigues (Traditional Indian Dance)
Los Bomberos de Brooklyn (Afro-Puerto Rican Dance Group)
Jeremiah Hosea (from Earth Driver)
Nuyorican poet Rafael Landr�n

Erika De LaRosa from the Mahina Movement

and many others!!

Please contact Tania Romero @
or at 646.594.4344

Event Organized By:
Ollin Imagination, an activist group that uses creative forms of
art for political epxression

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

John Roberts: A winning smile does not a Supreme Court Justice make

It looks more and more as if the Democrats are on the verge of caving-in to John Roberts' smile. It may be true that Roberts doesn't beat his family and is perhaps quite personable, but don't mistake his smile for anything but a cover for an extreme right-wing ideology. If we look to the people who are most vociferous in their support of Roberts, we might learn something, E.J. Dionne (WP) says:
Anyone who doubts that Roberts will be a consistent conservative vote on the court should examine the avalanche of endorsements that immediately fell his way from right-of-center groups. Brian Fahling of the American Family Association's Center for Law and Policy called Roberts an excellent choice. The Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, said the nomination of Roberts provided "an unparalleled opportunity to restore the proper role of the Supreme Court." Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice called the nomination "great news."
These gentlemen are not "squishes," to use the popular right-wing word for conservative sellouts. They care passionately about moving the court to the right. If they think Roberts will do that, the rest of us should pay attention.
People for the American Way on their Save the Court website concur:
Roberts’s record is a disturbing one. Among other things, Roberts is hostile to women’s reproductive freedom, and he has taken positions in religious liberty and free speech cases that were detrimental to those fundamental rights. Roberts has limited judicial experience, but even his short tenure as a judge raises serious concerns about his ideology and judicial philosophy. For example, dissenting opinions by Roberts have questioned the constitutionality of the Endangered Species Act and argued that Americans tortured by Iraq when it was a terrorist state can receive no compensation. This preliminary review of Roberts’s record indicates that it falls far short of demonstrating the commitment to fundamental civil and constitutional rights that should be shown by a Supreme Court nominee.
(photo:Charles Dharapak-AP)
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July 29-31: ABC No Rio celebrates its silver (25th) anniversary

ABC No Rio facade with murals by Fly and Chris Cardinale
Celebrating ABC No Rio's Silver Anniversary
More Alive After Twenty-Five!!!
Friday July 29 - Sunday July 31

Door opens at 7:00pm
Free Admission


The ABC No Rio Darkroom Folio Project
David Andrews, Michel Bayard, Gregor Cardue, Victoria Law, Wayne Liu, Lety Velazquez, Amy Westpfahl, Maggie Wrigley

OPENINGColoring Book
Christopher Cardinale, Ernest Concepcion, Mike Estabrook, Fly, Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain, Jann Nunn, Katrina Rhein, Nicole Schulman, Scott Seaboldt, Seth Tobocman, Lawrence Van Abbema plus...
Rude Mechanical Orchestra (music), Lumipad (music), Brian Boyles (spoken word/performance), Big Mike (spoken word/performance), Jushi (performance)
Yictove (poetry), Mindy Levokove (spoken word/performance)Will Redmond (sound installation/performance)Stanley Ruiz (sound installation) (video)

Door opens at 3:00pm
$6 Admission ('till 8pm, then free)

Mischief Brew (philly folk),EvilRobotUS (ny screamy folk punx), Bactonater (sloppy brooklyn diy punk), Guignol & Nanuchka (gypsy klezmer circus music) plus...
Fly (performance/spoken word), grace period. (spoken word), Crosby Story (spoken word), Marguerite Van Cook (spoken word), Psychotherapy Live! - Lisa Levy (performance), Sarah Kipp (performance), K (performance), K.L. (spoken word/performance)
VIDEO: Jennifer Berklich, David Buob, Gloria Kim, Jun-Ah Kim, Su Yeon Lee, Riza Manalo, Free Amsterdam by Optical Delusion

Door opens at 3:00pm
Free Admission
Vegetarian Barbecue

Penny Arcade (performance)
POETRY: Steve Cannon, Steve Dalachinsky, Pete Dolack, Dorothy Friedman August, R. D. Hansen, Bob Hart, Bob Heman, Evie Ivy, Penelope Maguffin, Mindy Matijasevic, Eugene Ring, Tom Savage, Thad Rutkowski, Helen Stratford
DUET: Ravi Padmanabha (tabla) & Tom Chess (oud)
IN ENSEMBLE: Robyn Siwula (viola), Duane Pitre (guitar),Julianne Carney (violin)
IN ENSEMBLE: Chris Welcome (hollow body guitar), Shayna Dulberger (bass)Blaise Siwula (saxophone)
VIDEO: Celia Cotelo, Chika Iijima, Ha-rhin Kim, Victor Korvera, Joseph Pe, Larilyn Sanchez, Pearce Williams, Lower East Side Biography Project, 156 Rivington by Andrea Meller

ABC No Rio
156 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-3697

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Aug. 2-Aug. 31: Black August Film Festival

BRECHT FORUM New York Marxist School- Institute for Popular Education
451 West Street
(West Side Hiway & Bank St)
(212) 242-4201

All films will be at 7:30 pm (except where noted)
and will be followed by a discussion, usually with the filmmaker

Tuesday, August 2
All Power to the People! The Black Panther Party and Beyond
Dir.: Lee Lew Lee/A Power115 min
A powerfulful, moving and comprehensive documentary on the resistance of Black Panther Party members against the relentless attack upon it thru COINTEPRO FBI-led terror tactics.

Wednesday, August 3
Quiet Storm
Dir: Shango B'Sang/150 min/ UK/ 2003
A full-length action thriller, Quiet Storm is a controversial drama centered around four men of African descent determined to set imperialism's plunder of Africa straight through acts of "terror"...or Guerrilla tactics. You

Saturday, August 6
A Panther in Africa
Dir.: Aaron Matthews/71 min/color/2001/USA & Tanzania
Discussion with Kathleen Cleaver
On October 30, 1969, Pete O'Neal, a young Black Panther in Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested for transporting a gun across state lines. A year later, O'Neal fled the charge, and for over 30 years, he has lived in Tanzania.

Thursday, August 11
Dir: Vagabond/2005
Discussion with Filmmaker Vagabond
A brand new revolutionary drama from a young Nuyorican. How do 21st Century Urban Guerrillas come into being?

Sunday, August 14
4:00 pm (NOTE: time change)
The Black and the Green
Dir.: St.Clair Bourne/Writer: Lou Potter/45-min/documentary
Discussion with Filmmaker St. Clair Bourne
The Black and the Green is a film about human rights, social change, the role of religion, specifically in the Irish conflict - - from the unique perspective of African- American observers. Set in 1986, the film describes a journey of discovery by five African-Americans as they travel to Northern Ireland. Arriving in Dublin and traveling to Belfast, the group seeks the truth behind the headlines and seek out common elements in that situation and the Black movement in the U.S..

Aug. 16: The Spook Who Sat By the Door (1973)
Aug. 17: Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice, Dir. William Graves/53 Min/1989
Aug. 18: Fidel, Dir. Estella Bravo/91 min/US/2001/
Aug. 21: Ashes and Embers, Dir. Haile Germia/120min/1985
Aug. 23: Selected Shorts by young progressive Black/Latino filmmakers
Aug. 24: As An Act of Protest, Dir. Dennis Leroy Jones/2001
Aug. 30: Two Documentaries: Eyes of the Rainbow, Dir. Gloria Rolando/47 min/1997 and Mission August Terror, Dirs. Bernie Dwyer & RobertoRuiz Rebo/48 min/2004
Aug. 31: Sorry Ain't Enough , Dir. Emily Blake
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July 30: Find the condoms in your school campaign

Get involved! Know how to protect yourself and your friends. Find out the real deal on condoms in New York City's public schools, and demand that the city keeps its promises to youth.

Join us for our Second Community Meeting!

Saturday, July 30th, 2 - 4pm
at Youth Organizers United, 401 Broadway, Suite 711.
(between Lipsenard and Walker St., one block south of Canal).

Come to learn more about the campaign and help create our media event!!

What is the Find the Condoms in Your School campaign?
New York City is unique and lucky in that we have mandates that give our youth the tools and information they need to protect themselves from HIV. These laws say that students in NYC public schools have the right by law to receive yearly lessons on HIV prevention. They also say that public schools should have health resource rooms, open 10 class periods a week, where condoms are available for students who ask for them.

But we've heard a lot of stories and rumors that these mandates aren't being met. Condoms often aren't being made available to students. So the Find the Condoms in Your School Campaign is our plan to find out what's really going on in NYC public schools, and to demand that the city keeps its promises to our youth.

We're planning a week where students ask for condoms in their schools and see what happens. Student leaders will organize their peers and collect information. After the week is over, we'll release a report and hold a media event where youth leaders interested in doing media work will report for themselves what the situation is, and ask that the city do what needs to be done to meet the mandates.

Chelsea weekly picket and leaflet distribution against the war, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Chelsea weekly picket against the war, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Chelsea weekly picket against the war and leaflet distribution, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Chelsea Neighbors Against the War weekly picket July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

July 26: Weekly Chelsea picket against the war

Week 12 of Chelsea Neighbors Against the War's weekly presence at 8th Ave. and 24 St., NYC. They pledge to return every week, rain or shine, until the war is over and the troops are home. If you're in the area, join the picket line any Tuesday from 6-7 pm.
Photo by

Dan Cohen

Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

LaDawn Haglund of the New York City People's Referendum on Free Trade demands "that our representatives recognize the negative effects that CAFTA would have, and vote NO!." at the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005.
Photo by Dan Cohen

That about says it all: "DR-CAFTA = Massive Job Loss and Massive pollution of Air, Water and Land" at the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Maria Vides of the NY FMLN Committee speaks at the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Domingo de la Cruz, representative of the Dominican Consultation on Free Trade, implores the U.S. Congress to defeat DR-CAFTA at the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

A plea to Congressperson Meeks at the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005
Photo by Dan Cohen

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Committee in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador's Burke Stansbury accuses the Bush administration of "pulling every dirty trick in the book to pass DR-CAFTA, and yet " he said, "they still don't have the votes." At the Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference, July 26, 2005 Posted by Picasa

July 26: Stop DR-CAFTA rally and press conference

Stop DR-CAFTA press conference and Rally, International Trade Court, Foley Square, NYC.
July 26, 2005
What can you do?
Help organize calls to Congress Members outside the NY area.
Volunteer to phone bank, contact Burke Stansbury ( at NYCISPES. Call the NY area Reps still holding out over DR-CAFTA: Ed Townes: (202) 225-5936, Gregory Meeks: (202) 225-3461 and Peter King (L.I. area): (202) 225-7896.
Make your voice heard.
For more info, contact:

Photo by Dan Cohen

July 29: Starbucks Union fundraiser

Spend a New York summer night grooving to some cutting-edge hip-hop and rock n' roll while supporting the Wobbly campaign at Starbucks. Don't miss working-class friendly prices on beer and revolutionary discourse in Brooklyn's East Williamsburg area this Friday night!
The Meanwhiles
Cotton and the Choreboys
Julius C
$3 suggested donation to get in, absolutely no one turned away (no pressure)
$2 beers
Friday, July 29
8 p.m.- 4 a.m. or whenever
14 Meadow Street
East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Take the L train to the Grand Street stop. Walk a couple short blocks east and then make a right on Waterbury. Walk a couple more short blocks and then make a left on Meadow.
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July 30: Leaflet distribution for Sept. 24-26

Saturday, July 30: Day of Massive Leaflet Distribution
for UFPJ's Sept. 24-26 D.C. Antiwar Mobilization

End the War on Iraq; Bring Our Troops Home Now!

From United for Peace & Justice:
With our September Antiwar Mobilization in Washington D.C. only two months away, our New York outreach campaign is expanding. We've already rallied support from large numbers of organizations and already distributed tens of thousands of leaflets, but our work is just beginning. With public opinion in our favor, we have the capacity to make this one of the most powerful anti-war mobilizations in history. If we are going to fill the streets of Washington, we need tens of thousands of people to come from the greater NYC area.

UFPJ needs your involvement to make this possible. We are organizing a day of massive leaflet distribution on Saturday, July 30th. It is critical that as many people as possible help get the word out in every borough and several major events that day. Below is all the information you need to make our presence unavoidable in NYC on the 30th and even more so in D.C. during the September actions.

Please call us at 212-868-5545 if you'd like to take part in this outreach. If you cannot participate in the July 30th day of outreach, don't worry, there are lots of other ways you can help; for example, you can volunteer in the office, help with ongoing leafleting in your neighborhood, or attend upcoming mobilizing meetings. Please call the office to discuss how you can be more involved.

Your hard work and dedication for peace and justice is always deeply appreciated.

Aug. 6: Atlanta: Voting Rights Act March

Pro-Democracy March & Rally
August 6, 2005-Atlanta, Georgia
40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act
March for Voting Rights, Jobs, Justice, & Peace

On August 6 2005, the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition will hold a march and rally Atlanta, Georgia to commemorate the signing of the Act and to call attention to the threats facing minorities and the poor as key provisions of the Act come up for renewal in 2007. More

July 30: Estacion Libre Event @ Bluestockings

Estacion Libre Event @ Bluestockings
Discussion: Continuous Zapatista Inspiration

Saturday, July 30th @ 7PM
Bluestockings Bookstore & Cafe,
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington - 1 block south of Houston and 1st Avenue.
Free (but it is a fundraiser)

The Zapatista revolution continues to inspire folks of color here in the center of the U.S. Empire. Come out and hear from Estacion Libre's New York City chapter about the situation in Chiapas and its implications for struggles of people of color in New York, and see short presentations about Ashanti Alston and Karl Jagbandhansingh's 6-month sojourn throughout Chiapas.
This is a fundraiser for Estacion Libre's August Delegation.

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. Eddie Ellis, who moderated the panel discussion, talks to a couple of friends at the event.
Eddie is president of the Community Justice Center, Inc., a New York City criminal justice advocacy organization and a consultant for the Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, Criminal Justice Initiative. He served 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
He is a writer, lecturer, community activist and former leader of the Black Panther Party. In 1967 he was targeted for "neutralization" under the FBI Counter Intelligence Program(COINTELPRO), resulting in his arrest and imprisonment. He has always maintained his innocence.

Photo by Dan Cohen

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. Herb Boyd. Herb is an old friend of ours from the Guardian days.

From an Interview With Herb Boyd
By Claire E. White

Herb Boyd is an award-winning author, journalist and teacher who has written nine books and hundreds of articles for leading magazines and newspapers. He is the co-editor with Robert Allen of Brotherman--the Odyssey of Black Men in America, which won the American Book Award in 1995. In 1993 he was the recipient along with Michael Eric Dyson of a top journalistic award for his story in Emerge Magazine. Currently, he is under contract with Doubleday for his next book, Soul's Journey.
Since 1996 he has been the national editor of The Black World Today, an online publication on the Internet, focusing on the global black experience.

Photo by Dan Cohen

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. Deborah Mathis after the panel discussion. Deborah is an activist and nationally syndicated columnist. She is also the author of two books, Yet A Stranger: Why Black Americans Still Don't Feel at Home and Sole Sister: The Joys and Pain of Single Black Women
Photo by Dan Cohen

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. Amy Goodman listens intently to a comrade.
Amy is, of course, the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!,who one of the questioners described as "the bravest journalist in America." Amy, modestly denied the compliment pointing out many others who deserve the label.
She is also co-author of the national best-seller The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, written with her brother David Goodman. The book was chosen by independent bookstores as the #1 political title of the 2004 election season. The book was also chosen as one of the top 50 nonfiction books of 2004 by the editors of Publishers Weekly.

Photo by Dan Cohen

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. Walter Mosely is the author of 13 mystery novels (most featuring Easy Rawlins).
Photo by Dan Cohen

Books @ the Pier, July 24, 2005. After the panel discussion the participants stayed to talk to the audience and sign their books. Amy Goodman (left) and Walter Mosely (right), that's Herb Boyd in the background on the right
Photo by Dan Cohen