Friday, February 06, 2009

Feb. 12: Frances Fox Piven on the current crisis

"Confronting the Crisis"
with Frances Fox Piven

Join NYC-UFPJ for a Peace and Justice cocktail party!

This party is a fundraiser for NYC-UFPJ. Tickets are $30. It will take place at the home of a supporter in Washington Heights. The address will be sent with a receipt of payment.

Wine and light refreshments will be served.

Purchase tickets here or by calling 212-868-5545.

On Sunday, February 22, 4:00 PM, Frances Fox Piven will analyze the political situation and will address what WE can do to advance the struggle for peace and social justice.

Frances Fox Piven, currently a professor at CUNY Graduate Center, is a noted academic and an activist who has long joined astute analysis of our social conditions with her engagement in the struggles of poor people for their human rights. She is the author of The War at Home - The Domestic Costs of Bush's Militarism and Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America among many other publications.

We are facing a period of heightened opportunity and challenge. Our country is in a profound crisis. But there is also still a sense of hope for change as well as the potential to engage the millions of people who helped get Obama elected. Dr. Piven's keen analysis is certain to stimulate discussion about how we, in the peace movement, can work with others to further our agenda.

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