Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10/15: Rally to support single payer health care

Tomorrow (Thurs. 10/15), activists in 9 cities across the country will participate in civil disobedience at health insurance companies. In New York City,

10am - Legal support rally for Patients, Not Profits
UnitedHealth Group (UHG),
ONE PENN PLAZA (facing 34th St)

UHG is the largest insurance company in America. Last year it collected $75 billion in premiums, and spent $11 million on lobbying and campaign contributions. Scores of testimonials have been shared about UHG's abusive practices against patients resulting in denials and deaths. Join us to shame UHG, and support those who are putting their bodies on the line to demand Medicare for All.

Join in a legal rally to stand up for our right to health care.

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