Saturday, August 07, 2010

Is internet democracy about to be lost? What is the future of "Net Neutrality"?

From its inception the internet has been the most democratic form of communication in this society. That is about to change. Until now everyone has had the same access to the internet and messages have travelled at the same speed, no matter who sent them: whether it is my blog or ABC-TV we are equal in terms of the speed in which communication is sent on the internet. That is about to change. It's rumored that on Monday Google and Verizon are going to announce that what is called "Net Neutrality" will no longer be the case. The video of Sen. Al Franken (below) and the article by Josh Silver, president of Free Press, on the Huffington Post (also reproduced below) will tell you what we need to know about the threat to Net Neutrality and what we can do about it. The urgency of the defense of Net Neutrality came home to me when I listened to Josh Silver on Democracy Now on WBAI yesterday morning.

Josh Silver, Google-Verizon Deal: The End of the Internet as we Know it Huffington Post

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