Saturday, July 02, 2011

Israel proves I.F. Stone right again, "All governments lie..."

(Photo: Reuters)

News note: A Jordanian union leader told Agence France Presse that a boat has been purchased for $800,000 in Greece to carry construction materials, medical supplies, and 200 additional passengers to join the Gaza Freedom Flotilla of ten ships and several hundred passengers from 20 countries. [As I'm sure you already know] The Flotilla, which was scheduled to depart last week, is currently being delayed by Greek authorities. (from IMEMC News) Also eight Flotilla Activists, who were arrested while on a hunger strike at the U.S. embassy in Greece, have been released. U.S. Boat to Gaza

The full I.F.Stone quote is "All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out." Without in any way suggesting that the courageous flotilla activists shouldn't stick with it, it's also time to declare victory. The flotilla has forced Israel to attack boats that haven't even left Greece. What are they afraid of? Talk about terrorism, what about sabotaging boats in Greek waters, just to keep them from heading for Gaza. Here's a perfect example of how much Israeli spokespeople can be trusted:

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the situation of Palestinians (particularly in the occupied territories) that the U.S. media would echo the Israeli propaganda. Richard Falk writes:
On a second level of Orwellian distortion, a somewhat more subtle case against the flotilla has been put forward. The daily existence of the entrapped, impoverished, and mentally and physically debilitated Gazans have been depicted by Israeli propagandists as if they were enjoying a glitzy pleasure kingdom that benefits its 1.6 million inhabitants. No less a journalistic personality than Ethan Bronner, long a skilled Israeli apologist, opens a front page story in the New York Times newspaper on June 28, 2011, ... [an] absurdly glowing description of the situation in Gaza
What makes this travesty on conditions in Gaza newsworthy is not these good things that are supposedly happening, but its relevance to the Israeli contention that the humanitarian rationale for the flotilla mission is fatuous and unnecessary because life for Gazans, despite appearances to the contrary, is going along in sprightly fashion behind the barbed wire and walls that enclose the enclave.
In other words, as usual, Israel lies and the U.S. media swear to it.

International support for the Flotilla is growing. There may be counter pressure on the Greek government to let the Flotilla sail to Gaza forcing Israel to act openly instead of under the radar.

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