Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What actually happened in Iowa last weekend?

I've been thinking about last weekend in Iowa (& a sidelight in South Carolina), Here are two possible scenerios:

1. Although we didn't hear about it, a bunch of inmates escaped from a mental institution & somehow almost all of the escapees ended up in Iowa. Just like Judy & Mickey @ MGM they decided to put on a show. But instead of a musical they put on an election show. A few people came & it was audience participation. So knowing it was just a show & didn't mean anything they voted for the most amusing, but least likely, "candidate." For some reason one of the escapees landed in South Carolina & viewed the election show from afar. But although this explains the events in Iowa last weekend, I think there's a more likely scenario.

2. An alien spacecraft landed in Iowa last weekend and the creatures inside it came here to destroy the U.S. & eventually the human race. My friend Burt & I were talking about these "candidates" a couple of weeks ago and were reminded of the "pod people" in the 1950s film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You may remember that the aliens who emerged from the pods were identical to human beings except for one thing, they had no feelings and that explains a great deal. For some reason one pod was dropped in South Carolina & that alien yelled, "What about me? I'm in this too." And perhaps the most dangerous pod person was born. There is evidence to support this Alien Theory, one creature @ a rally yelled "Happy birthday Elvis" on the anniversary of his death. It was just a loose wire, nothing serious. But again, no feelings.

So those are my most likely explanations for last weekends events. What do you think happened?

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