Friday, March 02, 2012

War on women's health: Sandra Fluke, called ’slut’ by Limbaugh, is ’stunned, outraged’

Has Rush Limbaugh, propagandist for the War on Women's Health, gone too far this time? There is a Twitter campaign to convince advertisers to pull out of the Rush Limbaugh show. I'm sorry that Sandra Fluke has been hurt by Limbaugh's comments. I think she should be proud. It's kind of like being on Richard Nixon's "Enemies List." it's something about which to be proud. Fluke should wear a t-shirt that says: "Rush Limbaugh called me a whore; is that the pot calling the kettle black?" Limbaugh is a clown and the best we can do is to, let him go on exposing himself & the rest of the right-wing fools with him. Woman called ’slut’ by Limbaugh is ’stunned, outraged’

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