Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congressional races also count

As the corporate-owned media almost exclusively cover the presidential primaries, Americans are voting to enhance their 2006 vote to put Democrats in charge of Congress. Only Amy Goodman is covering the Congressional races on Democracy Now. Despite the (or maybe because of the) Democrats latest collaboration with the Bush regime, Democrats are voting for congress members who will actually vote to reject the Bush regime immoral and illegal moves.
In [Maryland's] Fourth Congressional District, Democratic activist Donna Edwards defeated eight-term incumbent Albert Wynn in a fiercely contested race.
The race has been described by The Nation magazine as “a bellwether contest in the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.” Edwards ran a populist, antiwar campaign that drew support from national liberal groups.

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Renegade Eye said...

In MN Keith Ellison, the Muslim member of the House, ran as an antiwar candidate. Now in office, he votes for war funding.

I wouldn't be as excited as you.