Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina primaries

I'm sitting here at midnight Tues/Wed watching MSNBC and the Indiana primary results, still to close to call. Obama has already cleaned the Clinton clock in North Carolina (56% to 42% with 99% of the vote counted).

In Indiana, with 92% of the vote counted, Clinton 51% Obama 49%.

Earlier today (Tues) while walking home from shopping I was thinking how the American people proved their smarts in 2000 by electing Gore before Bush/Rove used the Supreme Court to steal the election, 2004 was less clear (it too may have been stolen), then in 2006, we proved again you can't fool us all the time. But the predictions for today were that Clinton would sweep Indiana and maybe even win or come close in North Carolina. I thought, would Americans allow Clinton to buy their votes with 30 pieces of gas silver. Well, however Indiana ends up, the results today are the exact opposite of the predictions. Obama sweeps North Carolina and either Clinton squeaks through in Indiana or Obama pulls out a close call.

12:12AM: Tim Russert just said, pointedly, "We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be and nobody is going to dispute it." Clearly, he means Obama. Most of the commentators are writing Clinton's campaign obituary. And despite myself, I'm beginning to feel sorry for her. I hope someone is writing "The Making of the President, 2008." It's going to be one hell of a story.

1AM MSNBC just went off the air. Indiana still too close to call.

Sorry. MSNBC is still on the air. Just a change of anchors.

Probably no decision on Indiana tonight (this morning) still uncounted absentee ballots.Although they are calling her the "apparant" winner.

!:10AM NBC declares Clinton Indiana winner by a hair. Will she or won't she go on. I think she will go on. There hasn't, after all, been a rational reason for her to go on for sometime. The explanation for her to go on is what can she get from Obama, from the Democratic Party, in exchange for quitting.

For the first time tonight Clinton said, "I will vote for whoever is the Democratic candidate. We have to win in November." She's cancelling this morning's (Wed) talk show appearances. But she will appear at a fundraiser in DC

Me? I'm going to bed.


Renegade Eye said...

Clinton thinks it's 1992.

Contested Terrain said...

Check out the "Clinton Deathwatch" that I just added
Thanks for your comment