Monday, July 07, 2008

July 9: From MoveOn: Nat'l Day of Action for an Oil-Free President


Dear MoveOn member,

National Day of Action for an Oil-Free President.

Wednesday, Jul. 9, 2008, at 5:00 PM

Have you seen the latest ad from the RNC? With holiday travel and gas prices on every channel, the Republicans are spending over $3 million in the next week to convince voters that high gas prices are Barack Obama's fault.

What's scary is that their strategy is working—even though the Republicans' energy policy got us into this mess!

So this Wednesday, we're pushing back with our National Day of Action for an Oil-Free President. We'll be gathering at gas stations around the country to reach out to voters and make sure they know John McCain is Big Oil's candidate and that he won't solve our energy crisis.

We'll be in front of gas stations with signs and fliers to remind people that McCain is in the pocket of Big Oil. His campaign is run by oil industry lobbyists,(1)
and he looks to Big Oil for big campaign contributions.(2)
We can't count on him to push for alternative energy solutions or help lower gas prices.

But soon ads blaming Obama for gas prices will be up all over the country. And people squeezed by energy costs may forget that it was another Republican with close ties to Big Oil and former oil lobbyists advising him in the White House who brought us to this point.

Now is the time to make sure voters know John McCain won't solve our energy crisis.
Hope you can make it! Thanks for all you do.

P.S. Can't make this event?
Here is another event near you:

SE Corner of Atlantic Ave and Henry, Brooklyn at 6:00 PM

1. "John McCain, His Big Oil Lobbyists, and His Big Oil Policies," Progressive Media USA Research, June 16, 2008

2. "John McCain On The Side Of Oil Companies," Progressive Media USA Research, April 23, 2008

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