Sunday, July 27, 2008

McClone plays both sides against Obama again

There must be something permeating the drinking water in Arizona. The McClone campaign criticized Sen. Obama for cancelling a visit with wounded troops in Germany. And Arizona's other senator, Jon Kyle, immediately hopped on the anti-Obama defamation bandwagon. It's almost certain that these same fools would have criticized him if he had visited the troops. Can't you hear it now: "He's exploiting the troops for campaign purposes." I'll bet the McClone campaign had two possible TV ads prepared, one if he went to visit the troops and one if he didn't.

If after his behavior this past week anyone still takes McClone seriously as a potential president, we are in deeper shit than even I thought.

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Eric said...

sadly, I think we're in some pretty deep shit. what percentage of those polled still think Obama is muslim? hell, how many voters are more willing to believe that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church than accept scientific fact?! we're in deep deep shit, comrade!