Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hey Charlie! Why tar the disabled community with a comparison to Sarah Palin?

I remarkably find myself in agreement with some Republican critics of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY). Rangel said (when asked by CBS-TV news reporter Marcia Kramer to comment on Palin):
You got to be kind to the disabled.
Even a right-wing Republican character like McClone-Palin N.Y. state campaign chair, Rep. Pete King said:
Charlie owes a sincere apology to Sarah Palin and the entire disabled community.
I don't know about Palin, but, as Disabled in Action president said:
I am not one of her fans; but I don't like the idea he referred to the woman as disabled. I mean he's talking about her politics - that word has no place here.
So Charlie, she may be politically (intellectually) disadvantaged, which makes her the perfect running mate for John (foot-in-mouth) McClone, but don't insult those struggling with challenges.

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