Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some random comments on J.J. Abram's Fringe

The cast of Fringe
Well the new TV season is upon us. So let's start dealing with it. Check out the review and comments that provoked these thoughts on Fringe. Fringe is J.J. Abrams new show (Tues. 9PM, Fox). Abrams created Alias and Lost, which is why it's worth thinking about. The only other show of any interest so far is HBO's True Blood (More on that later.) Anyway here are my comments:
Interesting comments.
The ick factor is part of this kind of show, so eat dinner earlier and live with it.
Almost all the comments and the review ignored the Mark Valley character (John Scott) we know he is coming back as a villain and Anna Torv's character (Olivia) will have to deal with the changes.
Both "Alias" and "Lost" started much stronger but they had their ups and downs ("Lost" still does).
I'd say, at this point, give it a chance. After about three or four more episodes we'll have a better idea of where it's going (or I won't go with it). The fact that it started so early (because of Fox's World Series schedule) leaves little else to obsess about right now. I think it has potential - but on TV potential doesn't get you very far.
One other note "Pacey" (sorry, the younger Bishop, it's really hard to resist the "Dawson's" reference) Joshua Jackson is totally miscast as a brilliant but disturbed character. Maybe even as an adult.

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