Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arrival in Wales

We (the New York City labor chorus and a few hangers on like me) arrived in London's Heathrow Airpoprt this morning (Tues.) and almost immediately were taken by bus to Cardiff and the University of Wales in Cardiff, where we are staying for the next three days (Wed., Thurs., and Fri.) On Friday we will we will head for Swansea, where we will stay until we return to London (Heathrow) for the flight home.

The flight from JFK (in NYC) to London was uneventful (that's the way I like airplane trips to be). But I'm convinced that American Airlines is giving each customer less space. They offered us chicken or meat lasagna, but we declined. We had had sandwiches in the airport before we left. In addition to the Chorus There was a large contingent of Hassidic Jews on the plane and a smattering of families as well. It was pretty full.

Wales (Cardiff) is beautiful. That's all for now, we have to be up and on the bus at 8:30am tomorrow (Wed.). More later.


sanda said...

I saw Cardiff in Dr.Who on umd (for psp)video from a few years ago.

Hoping you get this viewed and up soon (jet lag?): Don DeBar is doing updates often on the seizure of the Free Gaza Movement ship (with Cynthia McKinney and about 19 more), and kidnapping, arrest in international waters. Info on demos too that are happening in NYC and DC:
www.wbaix.org WBAI-in-Exile.

Video of the meeting, combination of Harlem Tenants Council and Take Back WBAI, on June 27th, is on www.wbixradio.org
Great speakers: including Nelly Hester Bailey, Glen Ford, Lisa Davis (from Take Back WBAI) because it's about corporatisation of housing, radio, etc.
Don DeBar is producer of of both sites.

Contested Terrain said...

Lots more about Dr. Who later. Now I'm going to post your comment on my blog and it will also appear on my FaceBook page. Thanks again.