Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Republican extra-curricular sex activities

According to the AP's Jim Davenport, one week after Republican Senator John Ensign (Nev) admitted to a nearly year-long extramarital affair with a former member of his campaign staff, Republican Governor Mark Sanford (SC) admitted today that he spent Fathers Day weekend in Argentina with a woman with whom he's been having an affair.

Both of these men were likely 2012 Republican candidates for president. They were also currently honchos in the Republican Party apparatus. After their announcements Ensign resigned as the third person in the GOP senate leadership and Sanford resigned today from his position as head of the Republican Governors Association.

Anyone who reads the newspapers or watches TV knows that not being able to keep it in one's pants isn't a specifically Republican weakness, but Democrats don't hold themselves out as paragons of virtue like the Republicans do. So these falls from grace don't also label them as hypocrites. These Republican politicians have also been two of the most vocal self-rightous critics of President Obamas' proposals.

If this keeps happening, all that will be left to the 2012 Republicans will be McCain, Palin and Gingrich (oops, he cheated on two wives).

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