Thursday, August 06, 2009

" No Pasaran:" With Cor Cochion (The Red Choir) in Maerdy photos by Dan Cohen

Wendy Lewis, Cor Cochion Musical Director and Ray Davies

The Labor Chorus and Cor Cochion join voices at Teify House, Maerdy

Labor Chorus accompanist Dennis Nelson

Ray Davies waving flag as choruses sing

(Standing l to r) ?, Leighton Andrews-Assembly Member, Ray Davies and Dennis Nelson; (Seated l to r) Georgia Wever, Arnold Owen and Ms. Owen

Cor Cochion Caerdydd

Cor Cochion sings on the Maerdy bridge dedicated to Frank Owen who was killed in combat at Brunete in July 1937.

The NYC Labor Chorus sings on the Frank Owen bridge

Georgia Wever and Arnold Owen (Frank's brother)

The Chorus performs at the Ferndale Community School in Excelsior Terrace, Maerdy. Wise and Foolish Dreamers (Wales and the Spanish Civil War) Exhibit.

The Kids really enjoyed the concert. I made a friend (See young man with thumb up in the middle on the right).

The Ferndale Community School pupils perform

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