Friday, August 28, 2009

Sat.Aug. 29: Health care rally

I'm a MoveOn member like you, and I'm working with the local MoveOn Council to organize an event tomorrow in New York City to make our voices heard for real health care reform.

Aug. 29, 12:45 PM

Meet at Roosevelt Hospital.
(59th St and 9th Ave)

March to the health care rally in Times Square.

We demand a public option as a way to control health care costs -- health care reform without a public option isn't good enough.
we will hear from doctors, patients and community leaders about the necessity of health care reform and the need for a public option.

From Georgia Wever:

Meet me tomorrow at the Health Care for All rally at the Central Labor Council at 41st and 7th Ave at 1:30 inside the police pen.

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