Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bi-partisan rejection of public option in Senate cmte.

Well Pres. Obama finally got the bi-partisan vote he's been looking for. The Senate Finance Cmte. voted down the Public Health Insurance Option amendment by a 15-8 vote, which included 5 Democratic NO votes. These Democrats never fail to go with which ever side their bread is buttered on, rather than the needs of the rest of us. The 5-turncoat Dems., who voted against the people for whom they are supposed to be working are

Chm. Max Baucus
Kent Conrad (N.D.)
Blanche Lincoln (ARK)
Bill Nelson (FLA)
Thomas Carper (DEL)

I wonder if they can say Primary Challenge?

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sanda said...

Nice to be able to laugh during such terrible times. Your bipartisan line was really good.

President Obama is the main blame point. Paul Street had a really good article on Znet in August, on the "...Obama and the Corporate Punking of America". It's a long, thorough view, from the Left, of Obama's political career and specifics about Obama and health care. www.Zcommunications.org/znet

Also, Bruce A.Dixon and today,
Glen Ford have had continuing excellent postings on Obama and health care (including David Swanson's articles, the latter from
www.afterdowningstreet.org, which he started). Dixon and Ford are on BlackAgendaReport www.blackagendareport.com