Friday, September 25, 2009

Rachel Maddow on ACORN, Part II

Here is Part II of Rachel Maddow's multi-show comment on the Republican "Defunding and demonizing" of ACORN. But as angry as she is about it, and I fully agree with her response, she still doesn't get to the reason for the Republican action. The GOP may be racist and dishonest, but they are not stupid. Why attack a 40-year-old community organization? The reason, as I suggested in the previous post, is that if more and more poor Black people are registered to vote (ACORN's main work) the Republican Party will go the way of the pre-Civil Rights South. Remember that only 43% of the white electorate voted for Obama. The votes that elected him had to come from somewhere. Get it? Registering Black people = Republican defeats. The real question is: why did so many Democrats cast self-defeating votes to defund ACORN? And, of course, as always the other question is: Why does the mainstream media just buy into the Republican lies about ACORN?

Tonight's Rachel Maddow comment on the "defunding and demonizing" of ACORN co-stars Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater
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sanda said...

I find text of transcripts helpful,so I'll comment on the writing of the posting.

ACORN has also been doing organizing.
Organizing and the voter registration scares many. It was not only Republicans who voted for the resolution to cut federal funding grants to ACORN.

I have heard Bertha Lewis, leader of ACORN, in her various positions with ACORN and related Working Families Party (there was a tie, not sure what it is now) on WBAI, many times. And, since it's voting time for the community radio station's Local Station Board, with only two weeks or so to get your ballot in, and to
"undo the coup" (which I support), I urge folks to see since there is a gag rule the station, WBAI. The radio station that might have (or had until the new management's move of "fired and banned", such as Bernard White, Don DeBar and removing some for a time and from some programs: Mimi Rosenberg removed from WakeUpCall, as was DeBar and she has the labor show,
"Building Bridges" archived for 90 days on WBAI and their own website). Bill DiFazio, "City Watch" was "punished" (new management's word) for mentioning and the coup some weeks ago.

I think Bertha Lewis was on Bill DiFazio's show several times.