Friday, January 01, 2010

Favorite protest signs

Here are two (I know, actually three) of my favorite signs of the past year. One from a right-wing anti-public option demo and one from a pro-gay marriage action:

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sanda said...

I like the signs. May I please please post the url: - my favorite disability website, which is on the topic of "assisted suicide" and euthanasia, from the point of view of severely disabled people, who are opposed.

I had a protest sign long long ago, that was published on p.1 of the NY Daily News (April 11, 1962). I was a teacher, a union delegate from my school, Joan of Arc, JHS118M, at the strike vote to get a contract (we did strike; it was the 2nd for teachers in NYC). My sign was "Don't Burn Us Again" "Joan of Arc JHS118M". The photog had me stand on a chair in the arena where the meeting was held. Of course, they spelled Sanda wrong (editor's decision). I was 22.