Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy birthday Ellen!

We went to a couple of events today - more about that later {with photos). Fortunately because of the weather they were in the same place. One of these events was Ellen Davidson's report back from Gaza and her 50th birthday party. After the report back there were supposed to be toasts to Ellen and the party. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the toasts to Ellen so here's mine:

I have known Ellen for nearly 30 years, we worked together at the Guardian and she and Ann were in a singing group- "Womansong"- with four other wonderful women {Barbara, Jill, Mara, Carmen) who sang at our wedding (27 years ago). I say all this so you'll know how well I've known Ellen. So let me say that when I heard that Ellen went to Gaza to support the people there, I was not in the least surprised, even for a moment, because I know that wherever people are fighting for liberation Ellen will be there. She understands, as few of us do, that we are a human race and wherever one of us is oppressed we are all oppressed and it is always all our struggle.

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