Sunday, May 22, 2011

June 14, 4:30PM: DC37 Rally @ City Hall

Stand Up - Let Your Voice Be Heard

Tuesday, June 14, 4:30 pm
at City Hall
(Broadway & Barclay Sts)

Save Jobs
Stop the layoffs
Save Civil Service
Stop the Service Cuts in
Our Communities
Stop Contracting Out and Privatizing

On Tuesday, June 14 beginning at 4:30 p.m., DC 37 plans to rock City Hall with its biggest demonstration ever.

On June 14, DC 37 members will be joined by allies to stand up for our rights and economic needs, fight back against the fiscal assault on our public schools and public health care, and raise our voices against the drive to crush public employees' rights from coast to coast.

DC 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts called on members to “rally at City protest like our basic democratic rights are at stake – because they are. The right-wing effort to destroy union rights is a cancer that will spread unless we stop it.”

“At City Hall June 14 we will stand up for our families and our communities. Bring your co-workers, your families, your neighbors and everyone you can from every community and religious organization you are part of," Ms Roberts urged. “They will be proud to march with us against the city's immoral effort to sell off our public health care system, cripple public education and shred the public services that prevent child abuse and keep rats from running wild in New York City."

DC 37 and its allies will also stand in solidarity to protect the libraries where so many immigrants learn English, where so many of the unemployed use free computers to search for jobs, and where so many children - especially the city's record 43,000 homeless children - do their homework. They will speak out for the public parks and pools, the only free recreation available for working families.

DC 37’s giant fightback rally June 14 will also shout NO to the mayor's continuing effort to contract out jobs, freeze pay, cut benefits and wipe out public services for the communities we live in.

Mayor Bloomberg has squandered taxpayer money by throwing away three-quarters of a billion dollars on the CityTime payroll project (where the contractor is also accused of stealing $80 million from the city), failing to collect business taxes that are owed to the city, and continuing to waste some $10 billion on 18,000 private contracts for work city employees could perform. If his administration can waste that kind of money, then the Mayor can afford to cancel the service cuts and layoffs, stop the attacks on public employee benefits and get real about raises for dedicated, honest workers.

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