Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quote of the day

From an AlterNet comment from alan 8:

"This President DID GET ELECTED because the American majority thought he
was really aware of the critical issues our minorities and lower income
citizens are facing! We were so wrong!" (from a comment by Kathy Grinslade @ AlterNet)

alan 8 responds to Grinslade:

"No, you were right! He WAS aware! He SHOWED the people he was aware. He "Clintoned" you!

"Clin·ton verb:
1. To show people you understand a problem with the intent to mislead them that you're actually going to do anything to solve it. [or you make it worse].

"Clinton said 'I feel your pain!', talking about economic hardship in the US. And the people ate it up! Not only did Clinton not do anything about their economic hardship, he made it worse. He eliminated welfare (one of the Republican goals), and he passed NAFTA, which drained (and continues to drain) US jobs to low-wage countries."

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