Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Supes: love violence, fear sex

Robert Scheer writes on Truth Dig "Yes to Violence, No to Sex" in response to the latest Supreme Court decision on free speech for minors, especially as enunciated in Scalia's opinion. In which while opposing any ban on violent video games, he reaffirms the Court ban on "prurient" & "obscene" materials for minors and most other Americans.

I agree, as does Scheer, with the Supe decision against any government ban on violent video games; but not with its hypocritical reaffirmation of its agreement with bans on sexuality. After all, unlike violence, sex is the most natural act human beings can engage in. Although I do believe that parents should have the right (obligation?) to control what their minor children see, I don't believe that viewing a nude body or even a loving sex act will damage their little psyches. In fact, there's probably reason to believe that it might make American adults more comfortable with nudity and sex. This raises the question: why is the male majority on the Supreme Court in love with violence and afraid of sex.? To what extent do they mirror the male population of the country? Unfortunately, I believe too much.

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