Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who Cares - I Do: Spread the Word

"WHO CARES? I DO." IS A GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN supported by individuals, organizations, businesses, policy makers, philanthropists, and many others who recognize how critical human services are to New York and all its communities — whether it's an after-school program, a senior center, shelter for the homeless, a food pantry, assistance for domestic violence victims, a mental health clinic, a home for foster children, or a day care center. Our mission is to make government accountable to the needs of all New Yorkers by honoring the commitments made to our communities.

(1) let our elected leaders know that too many cuts to important services will hurt, not help, economic recovery

(2) illustrate that the work performed by nonprofit human services providers is essential to communities throughout New York

(3) demonstrate vast support for the continuation of critical programs in our communities

Who Cares - I Do: Spread the Word

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