Friday, April 13, 2012

Ann Romney: Not exactly "Wages for Housework"

The latest campaign kerfuffle, which has occupied all the empty space in the corporate media, after a somewhat silly Obama supporter said of Ann Romney that she "hasn't worked a day in her life." When you first hear the comment it sounds like a put down of women who stay home to care for children. But then let's remember who we are talking about: Ann Romney, wife of multi-millionaire, presidential candidate Mitt Romney. When she says: "My career choice was to be a mom." We're not talking about most women in this society, who work at full-time jobs and then go home to their second "career" being a mom.

The question the corporate media and, unfortunately, the Democrats aren't asking is, how much did Ann Romney actually work in her chosen career? That's essentially what separates her from the few other women who are even able to make that career choice. This is not exactly akin to "wages for housework." I suspect that quite a number of people worked hard keeping the Romney's house and taking care of the Romney boys, but I doubt very much that it was Ann Romney. In fact, as an accomplished equestrian, who has won a number of Grand Prix awards, she has spent as much of her time with her horses as in her chosen career. Now let's talk about the growing inequality in this country and the Republican/Tea Party orchestrated war on 99% of women.

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