Thursday, April 05, 2012

Gil Noble, "Like It Is" will be no longer

For 44 years there was virtually one sane voice in the corporate-owned media. That voice, Gil Noble died today. He became ill last summer and left "Like It Is" the oasis in the desert of Sunday talk shows.

Noble joined WABC in July 1967 as a reporter, and starting in January 1968 became an anchor of its Saturday and Sunday night newscasts. In 1968, he began as co-host of "Like It Is." Until last Summer, at 1PM Sunday, there was only one place to be, if you were at all concerned with the latest developments in the world-wide Black liberation struggle. There was almost no one who was too radical for Gil Noble to interview. He was determined to make the struggle understandable to anyone willing to hear the truth, and maybe even change some minds.

Now that legal lynching of young Black men is back in the picture, Gil Noble's ability to tell It "Like It Is" will be sorely missed.
Others will step up, but they won't have the national stage Gil Noble had. Times they are a changin' but not for the best.

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