Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Al-Queda and McClone's election

There are several questions connected to this election which are getting very little attention from the media. One that has concerned me for some time regards Al-Queda and a John McClone victory. What I'm referring to is how much the Al-Queda leaders want a third Bush administration and what they might do to get McClone elected. Here are some thoughts on this from The washington Post Online:
Al-Qaeda is watching the U.S. stock market's downward slide with something akin to jubilation, with its leaders hailing the financial crisis as a vindication of its strategy of crippling America's economy through endless, costly foreign wars against Islamist insurgents.

And at least some of its supporters think Sen. John McCain is the presidential candidate best suited to continue that trend.

'Al-Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election,' said a commentary posted Monday on the extremist Web site al-Hesbah, which is closely linked to the terrorist group. It said the Arizona Republican would continue the 'failing march of his predecessor,' President Bush.
Unfortunately for us, when they support a candidate they tend to do more than wear buttons.

(Also on this question see Robert Parry on

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