Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain and Palin lie about Obama and Bill Ayers again

I was struck last night, Wednesday, when John McClone and Gov. Palin in their combined interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams once again focused so much attention on Barak Obama and '60s radical Bill Ayers. Here's what Clone said:
People can make up their minds, as, again, I say about Mr. Ayers ... the full extent of the relationship with Senator Obama is not known,

And Senator Obama has not been forthcoming. He has not told the complete truth to the American people....
What in the world can this nonsense mean. On Oct. 10th the Annenberg Political Fact Check web site stated:
McCain cranks out some false and misleading attacks on Obama's connection to a 1960s radical.
Neither Clone nor Palin seem to be particularly bothered by the truth. But why do they keep harping on this? I can only conclude that they have nothing else to throw at Obama. It's clear that Obama has been completely forthcoming about serving on an education committee with Ayers. But Clone and Palin keep saying - as they did last night - "the full extent of the relationship with Senator Obama is not known." There is no question if Clone and Palin had any information we don't know they'd already have trumpeted it from the highest roof tops. So all they can do is try to cast aspersions that have no basis in fact

The whole Ayers tempest in a tea pot says far more about McCain and Palin then about Obama.

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