Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clinton for Sec'y of State? Politics still makes strange bed-fellows

Questions about Sen. Clinton as Sec'y of State may be academic at this point, if Nico Pitney, National Editor of the Huffington Post, is correct:
President-elect Barack Obama offered Sen. Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State during their meeting Thursday in Chicago, according to two senior Democratic officials. She requested time to consider the offer, the officials said.
But here are some thoughts anyway about Sen. Clinton for Sec'y of State. Rob Kall on OpEd News says:
Sorry. I don't trust her. She still wants the presidency. She is not someone who will take orders well and that's what is needed in a Secretary of state. I've said it before. The nation was offered and voted for CHANGE, not recycled Clinton people.
Alternatively, The NYT quotes one of Obama's people:
he's self-confident enough to want to send a message to the world about America and all that it can be - and Hillary Clinton as secretary of state would do that.
Some other people say that it would be good for Obama to get her out of the Senate, where, otherwise, she could play the role of gadfly. The NYT puts it this way: Both Obama and Clinton advisers say [their relationship]
is much more complex than one simply inspired by a keep-your-friends-close-and-your-enemies-closer philosophy.
Kall is correct. I too do not trust her. In 2003, she voted to give Bush the power to invade Iraq. In 2007, she voted to declare the Iranian Kutz Force a terrorist organization. I believe both votes were related to domestic U.S. politics not Middle Eastern reality. She is a neo-liberal interventionist. That's not "the change we need." Obama is the first 21st century leader, the first politician with a 21st century consciousness. Clinton's thinking - much like McCain and Palin - is still embedded in the 20th century. They are still fighting the Cold War.

I don't see how Obama's seeming infatuation with Clintonistas facilitates "the change we need." What is called for are new ideas not a rehash of Clinton ideas.

If Pitney is right and it was offered and she says No that might work out well. Obama will get credit for the offer and he can go on to select New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Or he could offer it to one of my favorites Jimmy Carter, Bono or Al Gore (that's the change we need).

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