Saturday, November 22, 2008

Minnesota Senate recount update

Although under the current situation in the Senate I think there is every reason to believe that the Democrats will be able to corral enough moderate Republicans (a clearly dying breed in a party largly made up of right-wing nuts) to cut off a filibuster. I still think it's worth keeping track of the Minnesota recount and the Georgia runoff (Dec. 4). Of course, first the Democrats have to propose something worth supporting. We'll see. - Dan

From the Minneapolis StarTribune:
The weekend isn't bringing any respite in the Minnesota Senate recount.

Ballots in the ultra-close race between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken are being counted in at least three counties today.

Fifty-three counties have reported complete results to the secretary of state, meaning fewer than three dozen remain. As of Friday night, at least 60 percent of the estimated 2.9 million ballots had gotten a second look.

Coleman entered the recount with a 215-vote edge over Franken. That lead has dropped to 115 votes when comparing totals in precincts where the new count is complete. But the figure doesn't include ballot challenges, which have caused vote tallies for both men to drop.

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