Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Iraq, Bush and Oil

In case there is still any doubt - besides all the neo-con rhetoric about spreading democracy - it seems clearer and clearer as the Cheney/Bush administration becomes more and more desperate as their days in power come to an end that the primary reason for the invasion of Iraq is and has always been OIL and the profits of the U.S. oil companies. According to Maya Schenwar ("In the Final Days, Bush Pushes for Iraq's Oil") on Truthout:
As the Bush administration rumbles to an end, it is pushing with increasing urgency for a commitment to a long-term US presence in Iraq. Though the military aspect of this "commitment" has garnered substantial publicity, the administration is equally invested in the economic aspect: securing US control over Iraqi oil before Bush leaves office, according to experts in the field.
She also quotes Antonia Juhasz in the same article:
US and British oil companies and the Bush administration have been circling their wagons in Iraq over the last few months to bring both the SOFA and the Iraq oil law to a conclusion before Bush's term in office officially comes to a close. The Bush administration, US oil companies and the al-Maliki government are all on the same timeline for trying to lock in the continued presence of the US military in Iraq, which is the al-Maliki government's only hope of holding on to power - and US oil corporations' only hope of securing their long-sought control over Iraqi oil.

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