Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How about "Mubarak" Walker

Guest Monica Crowley told Fox "America Alive" host Megyn Kelly that Obama's decision not to defend the Constitutionality of the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) as akin to a “dictatorship” calling the president “Mubarak Obama.” ( “To me, it’ s a form of dictatorship, That’s Mubarak Obama. You cannot just pick and choose which law you will enforce when you are president of the United States or the Attorney General.”)

Crowley took great exception to the Justice Department’s decision, calling it “beyond belief” before passionately stating that its the president’s responsibility to enforce the law that is on the books, not, in her words “to decide ‘well I don’t like that law so I’m not going to enforce it.’” Crowley then claimed that this was a “form of dictatorship” before referencing the president as “Mubarak Obama.”

There are a number of things one might say about this typical Crowley nonsense. First of all, the President took an oath to defend the Constitution, not acts of Congress. I would challenge Ms. Crowley to point to one complaint she made against George W. Bush's challenges to 232 statutes through signing statements. I'll bet she never questioned one of them.

I also wonder what she thinks about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's comments. For example, "Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has laid down an ultimatum to the 14 state Senate Democrats who've gone AWOL to stop Walker's union-busting budget from going forward: come home, vote on a budget or I'll start laying off state workers. Like, next week," according to TPMDC He also has said he believes the Wisconsin protesters are from out-of-state. And now we know from the prank phone call that Walker was talking about bringing thugs into attack the potesters.

Perhaps we should be talking about "Mubarak" Walker.

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