Saturday, February 26, 2011

Toy Story 3: a review

Well, just under the wire for tomorrow night's Oscars we saw "Toy Story 3." That's what movies should be. It's moving, funny & good triumphs over evil. We sure need more of that.

Rarely do sequels equal the original, but this one does. No one who has been a kid could not love this film about the tribulation of toys. I'll bet you never expected to see (& hear) a Spanish speaking Buzz Lightyear. I could go on, but here's the bottom line, if it weren't for "Winter's Bone" I'd pick it as the best movie of the year. Once upon a time Peter, Paul & Mary sang "Puff The Magic Dragon," with all due respect to Randy Newman, Puff is the essence of "Toy Story 3"
A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.
One grey night it happened, jackie paper came no more
Well, Andy came once more and the toys found a new home. It's about growing up. Growing up may be overrated but it does happen. Tell me which other movie this year has that reach. If you've ever been a kid & had toys you loved, this movie is about the toys not about us. Well, as Ann reminds me it's really about us. Watch it. I promise you'll love it.

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Bryon said...

I’m afraid I wasn’t as impressed with the latest “Toy Story” as everyone else. I wanted it to be funnier than it was. I liked it better when I ordered it from because it wasn’t as dark and hard to see in 3D when I saw it in the theater. I like that I can have my kids look on and all of the movies that can be ordered are there, over 3,000 to choose from. I liked the movie overall and thought the sentimental parts were far more touching than the other 2.