Sunday, February 20, 2011

A political bait & switch or I have a bridge to sell you

What's happening in the U.S. today is beyond belief. It's the greatest political bait & switch operation I've ever seen.

As we all know, the latest capitalist crisis was brought about by the banksters on Wall Street. It was brought about by their greed & incompetence. So when the roof fell in, what did they do? They sent one of their key hitmen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs. Henry Paulson. who Time Magazine described as the "face [of] this financial debacle," to Washington. And what did he do? This paragon of the free market said to Bush & Chaney, "we screwed up, save us we're too big too fail." At that moment, if they had any integrity, W & Cheney would have said, "sorry Henry, you screwed up, it's time to pay." But, of course, as we know they didn't. They went along with this absurd violation of anything a free market could possibly mean. They gave trillions of our dollars to these thieves. Why did they do this? Well, they looked at each other - W & Dick - and said "If we give this money to the bankers on Wall Street, what will they do with it?" They knew that a substantial portion of the money would be funneled through the Wall Street banks to the Republican Party. So, in fact, the trillions given to Wall Street in the aftermath of the latest capitalist debacle was actually a laundering operation of our money, through the treasury department, to Wall Street, (with a substantial payoff to them) and into the Republican Party coffers. Just in case this might cause any judicial questions, the puppet Supreme Court made the infamous "Citizens United" decision, which made corporations the equivalent of individuals & therefore entitled to free speech protection. What's quite amazing is that when Obama (a Democrat) became president he didn't say, "enough is enough, no more funds for the Republican Party." But in what may be the biggest political gaffe of all time he went along with the Republican give away to Wall Street. If Obama loses in 2012, it will be to a large extent his own fault. He gave the banksters the money to defeat him.

With all this in the background. prepare for the greatest feat of political prestidigitation ever attempted. Josef Goebels would be impressed, no Mexican drug cartel could pull it off, it would be beyond even the imagination of any real gangster organization. The same Republican Party which engineered the hold up of the U.S. Treasury, has made the public employees and their unions the villains of the piece. So the Republicans in power gave our money to the too big to fail banksters, they, in turn, gave a substantial portion of it back to the Republican Party (laundered through the Chamber of Commerce). Now when it's time to pay the piper, the Republicans (Scott Walker liar-in-chief) are trying to stigmatize public employees and, in the process, destroy the unions (a key source of funds for the Democrats). In other words, it's the public employee unions who caused the latest capitalist crisis. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

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