Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Georgia Senatorial run-off

Saxbe Chambliss (R) 1,220,854 57%
Jim Martin (D) 905,637 43%

99% precincts reporting


DanNY said...

Heh, Looks like Sarah Palin made a big impression on Georgia voters.

Buh Bye Democrat supermajority!


Contested Terrain said...

Thanks for your comment. But if you really think Palin had anything to do with Chambliss victory, I think your living in her dream world. I still think Palin should go back to Alaska and do the job she was hired to do.
As for the Dem's super majority, I think that there will be enough Republicans to cut off a filibuster in most instances. But what I find interesting is that before Obama is even President the Republicans are scheming to stop him. I think that says much more about them than about him.
Good luck.