Friday, December 05, 2008

Who should replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate?

Now that Sen. Hillary Clinton has been formally nominated by the president-elect as Sec'y of State the question arises: who will Gov. Patterson select to replace her? A number hats have been thrown into the ring, either by their wearers or those who support them. The National Organization for Women (NOW) Political Action Committee and the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee announced yesterday that they are endorsing New York City Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for the seat. Twinmom on My DD suggests upstate Rep Kirsten Gillibrand. According to Reuters, Gov.Paterson told the newspaper he discussed the Senate seat on Wednesday with Caroline Kennedy. Paterson characterized the conversation as "informational." It should be noted that all of these women have one thing in common, they are white. When Obama resigns from his Senate seat, there will be NO Black senators. It seems to me that Gov. Patterson has an opportunity to rectify this situation.

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