Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thoughts on Plaxico and his gun

Some thoughts on Plaxico:

My thinking about Plaxico's troubles have gone through a number of transitions since the story first broke.

First I thought, despite his not being the brightest player in the clubhouse, he didn't mean any harm and didn't hurt anyone but himself, so what's all the fuss about? But the more I thought about it, it began to seem more thoughtless and dangerous than at first. First of all, it was only lucky that he didn't shoot anyone other than himself. When he clumsily and stupidly dropped the loaded gun, the bullet could have hit anyone in a crowded club. He may be very good at catching passes in the end zone, but he is obviously not skilled enough to be anywhere near a loaded firearm. That's why people (all people) have to be licenced to carry a gun.

Secondly, he clearly had no hesitation about putting other people in jeopardy. He carried the gun into the club endangering the jobs of the door guards and the club's licence. As the cover up developed he placed the career and freedom of Antonio Pierce in jeopardy. Perhaps the most self-indulgent acts occurred at New York-Cornell Hospital. According to media reports, he lied about who he was (Harris Smith?), what happened (how he got shot), and where it happened (Applebees?). The same reports indicate a long-standing relationship between the Giants and Cornell hospital. It seems a Giant's executive met Buress at the hospital. The most egregious act was to implicate the hospital and a doctor (Dr. Josyann Abisaab) in not reporting the gunshot wound to the police. Dr. Abisaab's privileges have been suspended by the hospital. Plaxico has been suspended by the Giants. Despite the fact that neither has been convicted of anything and two major institutions may be covering their own asses.

So what to conclude from all this? The alleged perpetrator - Burris - because of his stupidity, selfishness and duplicity has placed other people in danger - physical and in terms of their lives and careers. All because he believes he's special. All because he believes he can do whatever he wants to do without consequences.

If he's convicted of all this he should be punished accordingly; but until then he should be given the benefit of the doubt. In other words, considered innocent until proven guilty. No one should be suspended until then.

Oh! one other thing. The mayor should keep his stupid self-indulgent mouth shut. Right now he's only placing any future prosecutions in jeopardy. This whole story is about self-indulgence and its cosequences.

Just for the record, I am a Giant's fan.

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