Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dumbing-down the U.S. Senate: Jim DeMint

I have a very simple question: how do people this dumb get elected to the U.S. Senate? Here's what Sen. Jim DeMint (R=SC) said in a recently received e-mail:
If it concerns you that America is sliding toward socialism, I hope you will join me in supporting a group I am leading to elect true conservatives to the U.S. Senate who will stand up and fight to save freedom.
Obviously DeMint isn't the only extreme right-wing Republican to accuse the President of the U.S. of "socialism." It's their chosen strategy to get back into power. They simply don't understand how removed from the concerns of the American people they are and that is why they lost. When McCain/Palin were up against the wall, they kept yelling "socialism." The voters told them what they could do with their accusations and elected Obama and a Democratic Senate and House. But these tin-ear dummies are still yelling "socialism." What else does the DeMented DeMint have to say:
As you know, President Obama and congressional Democrats are ramming billions in bailouts, stimulus plans, and pork-barrel projects through Congress as fast as they can.
So that's what they mean by socialism. I don't know what DeMint and his buddies were doing during grade school and high school history and civics; clearly not paying attention.

But my question is still: who elects these dummies to the Senate? And what can we do to raise the IQ level of Congress? And Jim DeMented helps by identifying the Axis of Evil in the Senate (or seeking to enter it), he says:
In Oklahoma, we are supporting the re-election bid of conservative U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. As I'm sure you know, Senator Coburn is a one-man pork-busting machine who has done more to protect American taxpayers from wasteful Washington spending than anyone in Congress.
In Pennsylvania, we are backing former Congressman Pat Toomey in his race to replace ultra-liberal Senator Arlen Specter, who helped President Obama pass the $1 trillion stimulus bill and recently switched parties to save his political hide.
In Florida, we have endorsed former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio who is running for the GOP nomination against Governor Charlie Crist. Rubio is a bright, articulate, and principled leader who has what it takes to win this important seat for conservatives.
So now that we know who the boobs are, let's get busy.

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