Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sen. Franken co-sponsors the Employee Free Choice Act

According to American Rights at Work, Al Franken said shortly after being sworn-in as the newest senator:
As of about half an hour ago, I became the co-sponsor of my first piece of legislation in the Senate. And it's something called the Employee Free Choice Act.
That's a great beginning but we have to demand a great deal more from Senator Franken (That does sound good). He could become a real voice for progressive politics in this country - and boy do we need one. So take a moment and join American Rights at Work and many others of us and welcome him to his new job.

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sanda said...

Much more progressive than he ever sounded on his radio show on "Air America". I applaud this move on his part. He is not a progressive, but I hope I'm wrong and he "grows".