Thursday, July 02, 2009


Here's a comment I thought was more important than just a comment:
Hoping you get this viewed and up soon (jet lag?):

Don DeBar is doing updates often on the seizure of the Free Gaza Movement ship (with Cynthia McKinney and about 19 more), and kidnapping, arrest in international waters. Info on demos too that are happening in NYC and DC: WBAI-in-Exile.

Video of the meeting, combination of Harlem Tenants Council and Take Back WBAI, on June 27th, is on
Great speakers: including Nelly Hester Bailey, Glen Ford, Lisa Davis (from Take Back WBAI) because it's about corporatisation of housing, radio, etc.
Don DeBar is producer of of both sites.

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It's OK to put my name with the comment. And thanks. Sanda