Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 23: Tim Wise, "Progressive Left Media and Institutional Racism"

"Progressive Left Media and Institutional Racism"

Thursday, July 23, 6:30-9:00PM

The Community Church of New York
40 E. 35th St. (bet. Park & Madison Aves.)
(#6 Train to 33rd St.)

"Tim Wise is one of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation." - Michael Eric Dyson, best-selling author and University of Pennsylvania professor

Community updates on the purge at WBAI and throughout PACIFICA

BERNARD WHITE: Fired Program Director of WBAI
LESLIE RADFORD: National Board Member from KPFK, Los Angeles
FERNANDO VELASQUEZ: Fired KPFK News Director, Executive Producer of Information Pacifica, Pacifica's daily Spanish language news program
LAWRENCE REYES: KPFK Member and Community Activist
and others...

Admission Free. Donations will be accepted.

The Action for Justice Committee, The Anti-Racism Team, The Resistance Cinema of the Community Church
and the Coalition To Take Back WBAI

Tim Wise's books will be available for purchase.
For more information, call: 212-561-7231 or visit

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sanda said...

Nice posting. May I add two
websites that are related? WBAI-in-Exile the "fired and banned" Don DeBar is
producer video of rallies, and interviews about the ongoing
effort to undo the coup. also
being produced by Don DeBar. This website was set up as a result of the first coup 9 years ago and very active now.